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Peewee Hockey / Re: PWAAA
« Last post by hopelesshockeyparent on Today at 03:06:18 PM »
When the wind blows, does it sing to you softly "DUUUCCCKKKKSSSS DUUUUCCCKKKS"

I was wondering about all the excitement about winning 1 game...but then i realized the Ducks the best team you will play all season......

However as a person who is used to winning, I have only one thing to say.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, good luck in Toronto and see you again in 2018.

Bantam Hockey / Re: Prep School Info
« Last post by fiveholefiller on Today at 02:23:24 PM »
     Prep School Hockey is certainly a great and viable option to consider if the fit and alignment to end goals are right.  In our situation, academic achievement was a priority for our player and it became more challenging to maintain a high gpa with the rigor of a tier 1 travel and practice schedule. Although homework could be done during the lengthy commutes to and from practice and on the airplane, other key activities such as off ice work outs and other skill development could not be.
Prep school was in the discussion for the last several years but our player was not emotionally or mentally prepared to leave home and take this step until this season.  When our player decided the time was right and he was ready to head to the east coast, we agreed and supported him.
He is having a great experience thus far and playing hockey at a high level against some kids who are technically men at the age of 19/20 who are post grads. The time once spent for commuting is now being spent in the weight room, in study hall, and on the ice for skill development since the rink is at the school.  In addition, playing for your school in front of fans creates an experience that resembles college hockey. Lastly, being able to do laundry on your own is quite the added perk.
Below are some things picked up along the way to pass on that may be value added as you plan your journey. Best of luck to you and your player.

  • Is your player being recruited by a prep school or are you making contact first?  As with SoCal tier hockey and Corporate America in general, being recruited opens up a lot more options and negotiating power.
  • Prep school coaches go to big tournaments across the country and the Bears showcase is a great way to meet coaches especially for younger players.
  • Repeating a grade is not necessary.  It depends on the grade being entered and how much they want your player.
  • Scholarship money is negotiable. If a school wants your player and they believe others want your player it’s easier to land on a number.
  • Applying to schools is a lengthy and time consuming process to get all the documents and supporting documents in especially for financial aid.
  • Many schools have a JV team or a varsity B team. It’s important to understand where a coach sees your player and if that will be on the varsity team.  Even if your player is seen in a top role, it’s important to understand from the coach’s perspective as to what development is needed to go to the next level.
  • Many varsity teams in the New England Prep School League have healthy scratches and/or players that dress and don’t get a single shift in. The bubble players get less ice time than in SoCal tier hockey.  Some schools will allow the bubble players to get some game time with the JV team.
  • There are other options for Prep Hockey, although closer to AA, that are outside of New England and are much closer to California (not counting Tahoe).
  • Fit and alignment is key.  Finding the sweet spot between school reputation/academics, hockey program strength/reputation, your player’s role/relationship with the coach, and the program cost is the core work you and your player need to do. Although extremely time consuming and at times stressful, if this part is done well then chances are your player will have a great experience and there will be no regrets.
  • Make sure to visit at least 3-4 schools in person before committing.



Squirt Hockey / Re: Squirt A 2017-18
« Last post by SDhockeydad07 on Today at 01:40:59 PM »
Gulls beat Flyers 4-2.  Was a very close game (closer than the score) and Flyers controlled play through much of the game.  Gulls got a couple long-distance goals including a fluky one that somehow found it's way in.
Peewee Hockey / Re: PWAAA
« Last post by keepdrinkinthekoolaid on Today at 12:34:27 PM »

#9 Jr Kings 06 v. #2 Jr Ducks 06

So enquiring minds want to know, Rivalry Sunday score please?

How did the rubber match game go or which team gets the small slurpee and which team the large?
Bantam Hockey / Re: Prep School Info
« Last post by Hockey sophist on Today at 09:08:48 AM »
Thank you Pulsar Hockey for an insightful and informative comment.
Bantam Hockey / Re: Prep School Info
« Last post by Pulsarhockey on Today at 08:10:22 AM »
I just had a long talk with a family whose son opted for Prep School this season.  It was very interesting.  They made their decision at the end of last season.  The prospect of playing Tier I and missing dozens of days of school in their son's junior year just didn't work for them.  Add to that, studying college testing and it was a "no-brainer" for them as they said "95% of all the kids playing hockey will wind up in the adult beer league when all is said and done so why sacrifice education now?"  By allowing their son to go to prep school, he could still play a high level of hockey, not miss a single day of school, and keep most educational opportunities open.  They also met with a lot of scouts from both college and juniors last season.  Many scouts lamented that sadly, "80% of the kids attending these camps cannot qualify to get into our college because they sacrifice their grades" while the Tier III juniors were begging kids to come with promises of great things while being billeted with strange families and being exposed to much older players who indulge in alcohol and drugs.  They key for them was that their son had to want to go to prep school or move down to Tier II AND they had to get financial aid to make the cost comparable to Tier I travel hockey.  It is not cheap; around a $55K price tag.  They spoke to one local family whose son virtually got a "free-ride" to Andover so they knew financial aid was out there.  They said grades were EVERYTHING.  Yes, tapes of their son playing got the coaches attention, along with talking to their kids coaches, but the first question asked was, "What is your son's GPA?"  Although their son did not take the "mandatory" entrance exams, his PACT and his grade point average not only got him into the prep school but he got a scholarship as well so that costs were comparable to Tier I.  Many of these schools have something called "rolling admissions" and they will take kids past the normal deadline if there is room.  This family is well off financially, but if they weren't, the scholarship would have been for more.  They learned prep school is much more affordable than one initially thinks, but the benefits are HUGE.  These schools have huge endowments and want smart athletes to attend.  This family and their son could not be happier.  They are playing true high school hockey (similar to the Tier I teams in the Anaheim Ducks league" with big crowds attending and cheering them on.  Three other kids CA hockey are going to this school (I forget the is in New England somewhere), so their son already knew some kids and they have bumped into other former So. Cal. kids out there in games.  They said their kid has "grown" so much in just a few months of dorm living and he will be so much more prepared for college and the education is rigorous, but very structured, giving their son less time to goof off with video games.  Their son is now involved in a number of school activities; something they could not do here because hockey is all consuming of hours outside of school.  The rink is on campus so no wasted time on our freeways, and most importantly, no cross country trips to interfere with studies.  They scrimmage with a number of the big Tier I Elite teams across the country.  They also love not playing the "coaches games" here...paying these coaches thousands of tax-free cash hoping their son will get playing time and make teams.  The scouts back there said their is actually more development out there playing kids older and that there is a big downside to playing kids your own age all the time which is why they want kids to play a few years of juniors before playing college except for the real superstars.  They have researched the numbers and saw just how many kids play college hockey...competing with kids from Canada and Europe as well and even fewer make the dream of the NHL.  The numbers are not promising except for a very, very select few.  And...even if your son is drafted, few make it passed juniors or the minors.  I'll be looking into sending my son to prep school next season.  I've seen so many families complain about So. Cal. hockey and it is all over these boards.  I sure liked what I heard.  Thanks for posting this thread!!  Good luck with your decision. 
Peewee Hockey / Re: PWAAA
« Last post by Kangaroo Jack on December 09, 2017, 07:58:53 PM »

#9 Jr Kings 06 v. #2 Jr Ducks 06
Anaheim Ice. 11:05am - Winner gets a large multi-flavored Slurpee (loser only gets a small...) @MYHockeyRanking@JrKings06
Peewee Hockey / Re: Peewee A 2017-2018
« Last post by skates on December 09, 2017, 07:36:46 PM »
I agree with your picks! All except for Mariners vs kings 2.  I think Kings 2 will get the win.
Peewee Hockey / Re: Peewee AA 2017-2018
« Last post by fuzzyhockey on December 08, 2017, 12:15:41 PM »
I watched the GSE 1/OC 1 game.  GSE was assessed a penalty at the time the coach was ejected, to make it a 5 on 3 power play.  I don't know what the penalty was or to whom it was assessed.
You are correct, the two penalties were for -
  • Unsportsmanlike - assessed against a GSE player for moving a dropped OC player's stick. 
  • Too many men - assessed against GSE for putting 5 players on the ice after the first penalty was called.
The GSE coach was ejected during the discussion with the ref and the OC coach about the logic of the penalties.
Peewee Hockey / Re: Peewee AA 2017-2018
« Last post by MO-ICETIME on December 08, 2017, 11:01:29 AM »
I watched the GSE 1/OC 1 game.  GSE was assessed a penalty at the time the coach was ejected, to make it a 5 on 3 power play.  I don't know what the penalty was or to whom it was assessed.

Some of the GSE 1 players were very impressive in that game.

Anyone have any updates from Silver Stick in Vegas?
Here is the Link for Silver Stick
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