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Rub One Out

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This is Jim Rome Smack-off material... ;D ;D ;D


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Grats on the State Championships clean sweeps for the Kings, too bad you couldn't reproduce the same results at Districts. Looks like the only King team moving on to Nationals with a win are the 14AAA's.
The 15AAA's and 16AAA's didn't even make it to the finals, and the 18AAA's lost to the Ducks 0-6 in the final. Maybe the majority of the Kings players can enjoy their state banners at home while watching their fellow 14AAA's or the Ducks 16AAA's and 18AAA's on BlackDog at Nationals.

So for the Kings, enjoy your crown while sitting on your throne with your season done. Others are looking beyond their tiny little kingdom for a bigger prize.

You may be closing, but we are still open for business. I also wrote a Haiku (not as clever as you though)

Maybe I will see you
Maybe I won't
We are going Nationals

Double thumbs, sucks living in glass houses much?

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Umm… I see the Troll Bridge has been lowered and a Hobo Village Elder has been so kind as to visit us down here from the prestigious SoCal Midget Division.  I didn’t know hockey went past Bantams in SoCal… but you learn something new everyday!  Oh, wait… can we even still say Midget?  Is that PC?  Or is it the Little People Division?  We’ll go with that.. the 18UAAA Little People Division.  Good luck at the Little People Nationals… or whatever the heck it is.  😀

Anyhow, moving on…

If you haven’t noticed, my praise was for all Kings team, since it was quite an accomplishment, but my bread and butter is the 06 team. That’s PW Minor, if you didn’t know. We won the State Championship, and the team we beat, the Jr Duck 06 Mite Elite All-Stars, are at home as well.  We’re both on the couch playing PS4 right now.  In fact, we’re halfway through an awesome Fortnight campaign and we’re all friends again (they’re losing half their team next year… so they kinda have to be cool now that they’ll try to poach our players).

If you’re thinking that’s an infraction, it’s not. They’re the glorious Jr Ducks… and on my watch as CAHA Master & Commander, they do as they like (CHA-CHING!!! Another dollar in my pocket!). 🤑

Thanks for the thoughts, though.  Best of luck with your Little People National Championship ambitions.  And if that doesn’t work out… the Hot and Horny Housewives of Orange County are always looking for a good skate coach for their lil’ Corey Perrys.  And a lot more can come from that $40 an hour fee… if you know what I’m saying.  I think you do.          😉
I believe in #daddycoaches 🧐


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 Oh, wait… can we even still say Midget?  Is that PC?  Or is it the Little People Division?        😉

man! you have telepathy!