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Nominations for CAHA Directors
« on: March 08, 2018, 10:42:40 AM »

CAHA Director Application for 2018-2020
Any person interested in serving as a CAHA Director shall be eligible for election providing they are in good standing with both USA Hockey and CAHA. Nominations must be submitted by April 1, 2018:

I am announcing today my candidacy for the President of CAHA.

I pledge to continue in the organization’s long and proud history of shenanigans and buffoonery.  In fact, I promise MORE shenanigans and MORE buffoonery.  There is no kickback too small nor backroom agreement too shady that I won’t consider.  Hearsay will be treated as fact.  Innuendo as truth. 

Want a CAHA weekend?  You can have it!  Don’t like the PDR rule?  I can change it!  Want that investigation into your roster manipulation ended?  I’m your man!

As long as I’m getting greased, I will ALWAYS side in your favor.

I pledge to blindly support the big clubs and crush the little guy.  The big clubs can have ALL the star players, and those ambitious, pathetic small programs will take the scraps and enjoy it (looking at you California Wave!).  These are among the REAL issues in 2018.  And it is on the basis of these issues that the voting members of the Vacaville Metropolitan Area must make their fateful choice for our future.

Vote for me, and together, we can make CAHA great again!

The Hobo Village Bureau of Tourism
United Toll Road Collectors Union of the Greater Boston Area
The Orange Country Daddy Coaches Caucus
05 Children of Russia Hockey Placement Agency
The Ghost Players Association of Southern California
CAHA PDR Regulation Board 
The Westminster Police Department
KHS Hazmat Team & Zamboni Drivers Union
I believe in #daddycoaches 🧐


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Re: Nominations for CAHA Directors
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KJ -- You have my vote.  Oh wait ....

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Re: Nominations for CAHA Directors
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Strong platform.