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World Juniors
« on: January 02, 2019, 04:14:20 PM »
If you are the parent of a Midget player and not watching the World Juniors Championships, you are really missing out on the world's best hockey for your kid's age group as well as information that will help you plan on your child's hockey future.  Many of you will have grown up with some of the boys playing in the tournament and seeing who has developed into an NHL caliber kid and others who are very close.  You can check all the rosters for sizes of the players, where they are playing and at what level.  You can assess your child's skill against those on the ice and honestly figure out if your kid has a legitimate chance or are you just hoping.  All this information can help you try to figure out if your little Johnny has an NHL future, a DI NCAA future or something less.  If you want to do more research, check the list of projected top draft choices coming up in June.

Many of you have known some of these players for years and watched them develop.  The same goes for the 2000 and 99s before. See where they are playing and you will notice that you aren't just competing with kids in your state or in this country, but with kids around the world!  Want to do more checking, check various colleges with D1 or DIII NCAA rosters and you will again see you are competing with kids around the world.  You can do even more checking by looking at the rosters of the USHL, OHL, WSL, NAHL AND BCHL. 

Thinking scholarship?  Some leagues will disqualify your kid from playing NCAA hockey so be careful if you want your kids to have a chance at playing NCAA hockey.  Most NCAA scholarships are not "full-ride" and some of the best colleges do not offer athletic scholarships...just academic and need-based so Little Johnny needs to keep those grades up. 

Lots to think about if you think hockey is in your kid's future.  Happy new year!