Author Topic: Coronavirus, CAHA/SCAHA WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?!?!?!?  (Read 2322 times)


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Re: Coronavirus, CAHA/SCAHA WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?!?!?!?
« Reply #30 on: May 19, 2020, 03:00:23 PM »
Actually gave you a "tap"

Your post - is exactly how we feel and it's totally fine until the times when more is known.

And I can see arguments for both sides - full opening/shelter-in-place.

The only thing I have to say to people who are for complete reopening - that's totally fine as long as if that happens to you  - you commit not to utilize medical system, leave it for the ones who listened to guidelines. It'll be only fair. You made your choice in opposition what authorities said driven by medical experts advice - face the consequences then on your own.

And I truly prefer those "free" people laughing at the others at the end of it - rather than standing on their graves/death beds and saying "why you did not believe it?.."   

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Re: Coronavirus, CAHA/SCAHA WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?!?!?!?
« Reply #31 on: May 19, 2020, 05:56:52 PM »
Well, it looks like we can take a break for about a month until we hear from SCAHA/CAHA about their guess as to how to proceed with tryouts and next fall.  I for one am hoping they keep things "drive-able local", as indoor sports (let alone cold and damp ones) are high contagion risk activities to begin with.  Fortunately we historically have had enough teams to accomplish this.

Travel:  As the greatest concentration of infections was and is clearly in the northeast and mid-west, interest in travel to those hockey hotbeds will remain zero for many.  Really, any amount of airline travel will be quite complicated (few schedule options, more health checks, etc.).  How many of us are not doing airline travel this Summer during the time which this virus will be seasonally recedent?  Going further, even 7 hour long bus rides between Norcal and Socal will increase the possibility of infection dramatically.  So, the liabilities of "team contagion" aside, who would be willing to commit to a costly 7 month season where you not only have a good chance of another schedule stoppage but further don't have opt out control on the required travel?  Unfortunately, for now, this is the temporary real situation.  And for those thinking of going out of state (again), same is true there. 

In times of uncertainty like this pandemic, sometimes the payoff is just not worth the risk.  We have managed to successfully work and school from home.  A single season of local only games will be just fine as well and has the added benefit of financial support for the local rinks budgets.  The game is great no matter where you play it.

(PS: Please feel free to face wash, as I will then know you read this.)

This is post is worth quoting so that it does not get lost in the political back and forth.   Nowhearthis expresses many of my concerns about tier or even high school hockey this season.   

I would be interested in the views of other hockey parents about how they are assessing the risk especially the risks related to tier hockey and the travel.   I wonder if some of the programs and teams may gear back their travel this year? 

For tier 1, it might be boring to play the same teams repeatedly but maybe that makes sense at least until 2021 and late in the season if things improve related to the virus. 

Will players be required to be tested?   How often?  Will they be required to wear face masks and is that even feasible in an aerobic sport like hockey?   Will arenas mandate masks and social distancing and is the later even feasible?   How will locker rooms be cleaned and how often?     

What questions should CAHA and SCAHA be considering when making decisions? 

Have any clubs tried to assess parent concerns and input?   Which clubs and how? 

Politics should have little relevance to these questions but maybe not. 


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Re: Coronavirus, CAHA/SCAHA WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?!?!?!?
« Reply #32 on: May 24, 2020, 08:49:38 PM »

The only thing I am scared of is paying for a season that gets cut short or cancelled again because CAHA has no plan.  I got the MACHO MAN, Jesse the  anti-BODY Ventura immune system. 

CA is a state that will shut EVERYTHING down at the drop of a sneeze as soon as flu season is back.  YOU ARE A FOOL TO THINK OTHERWISE!  It has NOTHING to do with how confident you are; it has everything to do with the state. 

My kids will be on the ice this weekend.  Enjoy it while you can....


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Re: Coronavirus, CAHA/SCAHA WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?!?!?!?
« Reply #33 on: May 25, 2020, 12:19:08 PM »
In parts of the east coast, tier 1 teams will be signing players the first week of June.  Since the rinks are not publically open, these are being done via reputation and team membership, and probably some private skates.  One thing the Hockey association has stipulated is an economic hardship due to COVID-19 way of getting out of the contract.  Not exactly what you are talking about, but I wonder if clubs will want to have agreements that release them from liability to pay for ice that they can not use due to another Government mandated closure.

I actually don't think it is all that likely to happen, but this would be a way to mitigate the very real concern that this year is going to be a watered down version of regular hockey.

I wish I had to option to get my kid on the ice this weekend.   :)
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