Author Topic: Lots and lots of AAA teams next year  (Read 8431 times)


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Re: Lots and lots of AAA teams next year
« Reply #45 on: January 06, 2022, 09:53:51 PM »
In my view, the issue isn't and never should have been the number of AAA teams at 16U and 18U.  The issue is the lack of more AAA teams at the Squirt and Peewee levels.  When California hockey was at its best, there were more teams developing AAA 1st line forwards, defensemen and goalies.  More teams develops a larger pool of elite players.  Those player ultimately will look to join teams with Tier1 Elite membership for the exposure.  The consolidation which eliminated LA Hockey Club eliminated one of those elite programs, the Wildcats, OCHC and the Gulls consistently developed players who would ultimately join the Kings/Ducks teams to create nationally competitive teams.  It is elite game speed development at the younger levels where California is missing the boat.  In my opinion.


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Re: Lots and lots of AAA teams next year
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good Lord.... none of at matters at this point. if you're on trivalley 18 AA 18 GSE or the Jr Ducks 18 AA they're all very good teams with kids that aren't "butt hurt" but possibly don't want to miss school and know they will play NA3 or ACHA and are definitely over the chase and are truly enjoying the game. These kids will ALL end up in the same place. the earlier you can accept this, the better. Last two seasons of 18AA has been the most fun my son has had. The national competition is really good hockey and they're all relaxed enjoying the game.

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Re: Lots and lots of AAA teams next year
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That is the upside of U18AA.   The downside is that upwards to half your CA games will be against powerhouses like the Moose or Ice Dogs that you will easily beat by double digit scores.   Imagine how much fun those kids on the Moose and Ice Dogs are having. 

The problem with U18 AA is that one-third of the teams should not exist.   

Giving up the chase is positive.   But as with younger players the quality of the coach and team culture are still incredibly important along with being part of a competitive team.