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Author Topic: Socal Hockey Shops getting worse...  (Read 10377 times)


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Socal Hockey Shops getting worse...
« on: August 31, 2021, 03:25:40 PM »
I have to wonder if i am the only one or if buying hockey gear is becoming harder and harder in Socal. I remember almost 20 years ago you
could walk into Hockey Giant and there was a Buzz and place was busy. People who worked there actually knew what they where selling and
provided guidance.  Fast forward Giant is now Pure Hockey and i walked into store which had only 1 other customer besides me in it. The
selection was not that great specially in the area of goalies and service was 0.
But the worst has to be Goalie Monkey's decline. In early days even so they shared the store with the rest of Hockey Monkey they had a good
selection and friendly stuff. When Hockey Monkey moved into the new superstore location and expanded Goalie Monkey it was just a question
of time till it would fail as there was not enough business to carry the whole store. When Monkey moved HQ from Corona to TX things got worse.
Now if you go to the new Superstore only about 1/2 is Hockey related. Even so there is plenty of employees per customer in store, last time I
was there it was like 5 Employees per customer it does not mean you get any service. Its a shame what happened to a great store like this, but
if I can, I will avoid them as much as possible. Their HQ shuts down at 3 PM so no customer service on phone, assuming you are lucky not to end
up in VMAIL and there chat is as good as it gets often offline or it might take an hr for a reply.
So just be sure you do your homework before you waste your time and money